Bottom tab navigator not working on first touch


today I experienced a new issue that is pretty bad for user experience:

when I add a Bottom tab navigator , it will not react to the first touch input. Only after I touched it twice it will react properly and work fine afterwards but on every restart of the app and every change in the companion, the error re-appears.

My guess is that this is caused by one of the latest changes to the platform (maybe since there are now placeholders added with every navigator). Hope you can fix this really fast because this would be really bad for app reputation if users cannot use the navigation at all (I think most would not even realize that it works on a second try).

The error does not seem to be related to any other component since it started when I only added the Bottom tab navigator . My device is an iPhone 11 Pro with the latest iOS 13.3

Best, Chris

Thanks for reporting this @Chris - have you had any feedback from your users complaining about this?