Top Tab Navigator, calling screens outside

I have a project has too many screens to easily fit on a top tab navigator so I put some outside (Book and General in the attached) but call them from buttons on one of the screens inside the navigator (Setup in the attached).

Some devices (Samsung Galaxy S10e Android 11, LG K40 and Sony Xperia both w/ Android 9) crash when i call the “outside” screens and others have no problem (Galaxy S8 w/Android 8 and iPad 11 w/OS14). If i move the screens into the Tab Navigator, they work fine on all devices so it isn’t my blockwork.

What can I do to make sure that I don’t get crashes on any device? Is this a known or new bug, or is there something i need to do with the “outside” screens?


Have you tried to put the other screens in a second tab navigator and check if you have the same issue

Thanks for the suggestion @muneer. If a second Top Tab Navigator is added as a child to the first, it works on all devices. If the second TTN is not a child (outside the first TTN), it crashes on the same devices as before. So… all I need to do is figure out how to make the first top navigator bar not visible since it is distracting to have two showing. I don’t see any way to do that, any suggestions?

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If you want to hide the tabs and labels then go to any screen in the tab navigator and switch off Tab Bar Visible.

Thanks again @muneer. That did remove the bottom navigator bar which should be good enough. It would be nice to remove the top one instead…but I can make this work. THANKS!

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Actually it should.
You need to go to each screen in the Tab Navigator and switch off the Tab Bar Visible.

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