Buttom tab navigator issues - data viewer and screens' glitch

It seems I am getting issues with a buttom tab navigator I have included in my project. In particular, it seems that:

  1. I am getting the multiple screen open event in all screens (within and outside the buttom navigator)
  2. When I call a screen outside the buttom navigator this is uploaded for the first time with the status bar in dark grey and then in white (I have set in all screens the status bar in white)
  3. the data viewer (both list and grid), when I open the screen always start from the first item (earlier even if I changed screen and then gone back to the screen with the data viewer this showed the items from where I left)

It seems that the Thunkable team thinks that all the issues have been resolved - but not for me.
Anyone having the same issues?

I don’t think they are resolved… No way.

Yes i have all this problems too

Are you seeing this behaviour when you live test your app @Tommaso?

A new version of Thunkable Live came out yesterday so you will need v255 to be able to see the changes we’ve made:

I think there are a couple of outstanding issues with the BT Navigator, but you definitely shouldn’t be seeing multiple starts on regular screens

cc: @bader_mouti @Deluxe

@domhnallohanlon oh wait… are you saying that there are issues experienced when using the bottom tab navigator which are not experienced when using the top tab navigator? Which are those if I may ask?

Will have to double check for you but my understanding was that BT Nav was to only place where starts/opens were firing repeatedly.

Again, this is something that is actively being worked on so expect updates

Hi @domhnallohanlon,

I can confirm that I have installed the update of Thunkable Live v25502 yesterday once out - I was actually waiting this update to see if the issues were resolved. However, I am still experiencing the issues listed in my first message above in both Thunkable live (Android and iOS) and downloaded app for Android (I didn’t try with downloaded iOS).

One small update: I have included an app var with value 0 - on the open screen event this goes up to +1. Having tested this I can say that the multiple open screen has been resolved. However, I am still getting some sort of glitch in the open screen event for screens outside the buttom tab navigator (which is similar to a double open event). In addition, I thought that the issue was related to the double open event because the open event itself seems to be slower (in particular, it’s slower when I return back in the Buttom tab Nav from a screen outside the Buttom tab Nav). It was faster and fluid in previous version of the App I have published. So, I would add this to the list.

The most important point for me it’s that the data list and grid viewers start from the top once the screen is open - as mentioned in my first message this didn’t happen before.

I hope this clarifies, and hope to receive soon an update. Thank you!

ANOTHER Update: it seems that the same issues hit the Drawer Navigator too, as I tried to change the Buttom tab Nav.

@domhnallohanlon FYI I have sent the url of my project to @jane, as long as instructions on how to replicate the issues. Hope this helps!

@domhnallohanlon @jane
Please let us know if you have any updates on the issues listed above.
I need to publish an update of my app and I need these items to be solved - for clarity:

  1. the data list and grid viewers start from the top once the screen is open - this didn’t happen before (FIRST PRIORITY)
  2. status bar glitch once a screen outside of the buttom tab navigator is opened (on Android)
  3. the app is really slow when open or close a screen which is outside the buttom tab navigator (earlier it was really fast)

Same issues should apply to the drawer navigator too.

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Some interesting findings regarding the tab navigators issues: Help with Stack Navigator - #14 by Deluxe

Basically, it appears that the top tab navigator is extremely buggy.