Questions about using navigators

Dear Thunkable Masters,
First of all, I’m sorry for my bad English because I’m not fluent at English. I really need your help because it’s for my Thunkable Project. I really appreciate your help. I wanna ask for the solutions about this problem:

  1. At this project, I used the Bottom Tab Navigator Page. At the HOME Screen, I want to create a button that navigate to other screen (outside the Bottom Tab Navigator Page), so I didn’t need to create an extra Bottom Tab Navigator Page. Because every time I created a new Bottom Tab Navigator Page, it will appear a new button. How to navigate to other screen (outside the Bottom Tab Navigator) on a Bottom Tab Navigator Screen?

  2. How to make a data viewer list become active. I mean I used data viewer list to become like a menu (inside the Bottom Tab Navigator). I wanted that when I swipe/tap the menu - one of the data viewer, it will navigate me to a new screen outside the bottom tab navigator. I mean to make it interactive.

Please help me for this problem because the deadline for my project is already near. Please guys I really need your help. Please also attach the project link so I can check/learn the blocks.


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i can help bit but not a spreadsheet expert

Yes, I really need your help. I tried my best to make a Thunkable App, but Thunkable have a lots of bug and errors. I think about trying another MIT App like Kod*lar because Thunkable is really frustrating and lacks of features. I hope the Devs hear our complains about the app :frowning:

as u work on mit and kodular u will feel them frustrating also.every app development site has unique features.also coding in thunkable is small also in kodular and mit but not dont blame.i can help u .i am ready

navigate to

Is this you are talking about?


Hey @kakennardsw4

take a look at this:

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Hello maxb,
Thank you for your solution. But I wanna ask how to make each of it different. Example I click Mashed Potato, so it will direct me to a screen about Mashed Potato. Or when I click Fried Chicken, it will direct me to a screen about fried chicken. How to make a different row id based on it?


Hello domhnallohanlon,
Oh my god thanks for the great solution. Yes thats what I mean. I’m really thankful for this solution. But can we make the new screen with stack navigator. I mean: when we are at HOME (bottom tab navigator), once we clicked the button it will navigate to other screen (outside bottom tab navigator) which is the stack navigator. So we can return back to the HOME by that ← arrow sign on header like this