Problem switching screens from one TopTab navigator to another

Here is the process

Begin in any screen in TopTab-A
Tap a button from the beginning screen to navigate to TopTab-B Screen 1,
Then very quickly navigate to TopTab-B Screen 2

If I am fast enough Screen 2 won’t load load the blocks, but all the components appear in their default state (some of them are affected by the blocks of course but the blocks aren’t called)

I’ve tried loading a timer to force this to happen, but I can’t get the timer to start from the blocks.
I’ve tried setting the timer settings in the design screen to enabled & loops but it still won’t work.

You don’t have to be lightning fast, I discovered this on accident just by getting used to my app I was tapping quickly
Has anyone else dealt with this??
This is frustrating as I’m able to reproduce this nearly 100% of the time.

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Please show a screenshot of your blocks