Navigate Screen long response

When using a button to navigate to another screen it takes 2-3 seconds before the screen is actually swiches. The switch should be immediate unless there is a “wait” block added, which it is not
There is Nothing else running in the block. Any ideas @tatiang or somebody else?


Nope, it should be immediate!

Are there other blocks/functions running that haven’t completed on that screen?

Does this happen in a browser or in the Thunkable Live app?

nope - it is the starting screen with a logo and som settings made
if i remove this settings from being done - problem remains.
it is lmost like bug behind the scene. I used to have a waiting block - and an automated transfer over to next page…I have a feeling that even though the block is gone…the waiting time is still there!!

Have you tried to clean up the blocks (right click in the Blocks tab for that option)? And tried zooming out to make sure there are no stray blocks?

I have not experienced what you’re describing. If you want to share a link to the project here or via private message, I can take a look.

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