My app is incredibly slow

Hey, my app is really really slow since the last update, my screens take forever to change, the time for the blocks to execute is phenomenous, it takes around 2s for blocks to get a value from local storage and to display it, I have an iphone X so the phone isn’t the issue. My app is based on reactivity, and there is no reactivity with such delays. Any ideas ?

Please note that putting everything in one screen isn’t an option here because we cannot delete components by the block section.

Thanks in advance for your help !


@Mark is there something we can do about it or is it just normal ? Thanks !

@AcrobatEpee, would you be willing to share your project with us? That might help us figure out what is going on.

Thank in advance.


@Mark I sent you a message so we can keep this private :slight_smile:

@AcrobatEpee I’m experiencing similar. Assets load one at a time in a visibly delayed way. We’re there a set of fixes I can try?

@Mark would you mind taking a look at my project as well?


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Hey ! What assets are you talking about ?

Missed your reply @AcrobatEpee !

Labels, images, and button text. When a screen starts, these assets display “Label” and “Button”, then get populated .5sec later.


@AcrobatEpee Have you fixed the issue? If yes could you please describe your solution? I have similar problems. Many thanks :slight_smile:

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@Arun_Nijhawan @Dennis

I haven’t found a solution except I regrouped all the useless blocks into repeating functions which made it a bit better. I also noticed that when the screens are switching, it is better to have your items directly placed on the screen and not to add them after loading. Last I added a waiting icon for the time the screen loads. Hope it helps

@AcrobatEpee Did you fix and how can do that?

Hello @Mark

I built an app and it works great except after a few screen changes it starts to progressively get slower. I have tried loading screens and still not helpful.

Which type of navigator are you using in your app?

I’m just using blocks.

Hi @Deluxe I may have found a fix.

DID NOT WORK: using a bottom navigator without the first screen after the splash screen.

WHAT WORKS: i used a bottom navigator with ONLY the FIRST SCREEN after the splash screen. I made the bar black and inactive and it worked. NO MORE LAG when changing screens.

IMPROVEMENTS: how do i make the bottom navigator invisible using blocks?

I hope this works for you…

MUST NOTE: all screens must navigate back to the screen in the bottom navigation or else it lags again. It appears as though when I return to the screen in the bottom navigation bar it clears all the stored memory or something like that.

Yhea, I’ve been looking at the blocks and I don’t see a function that lets me reset with every page change

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Did this ever get a proper fix? I’m also experiencing 0.5 second lags for variables to update every time I change screens. Using a navigator won’t really work as I don’t want or need on for my app.

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it is ez add drawer navigator coz ur app will have bugs