Thunkable sceeen keeps refreshing

I am unable to make any changes everytime I connect a block the screen refreshes undoing the changes it’s very hard for me to do anything because the screens have a lot of blocks and it takes me a good 10-15 min lag and after that when it starts working I connect one block and it refreshes again and then lag again it’s very hard for me to do anything @domnhall can you check this out

This topic has come up frequently. Once you reach a certain number of blocks, things are going to slow down. You may need to optimize your code to reduce the number of blocks (e.g by using Any Component blocks). Or, it may be that your project is just very large/complex and can’t easily be optimized.

Regardless, I’d like to see a toggle switch in Thunkable that allows us to disable live previews while developing our apps. It’s rare that I need to see something change on a device right after I change something in my code. It’s much more likely that I need to see the effects of a combination of changes (e.g. I might work for twenty minutes before needing to preview anything). But currently, making 50 changes means seeing 50 preview updates.

@farhanlatif027i3df This should probably get moved to the “slow blocks” thread. or any of the following really.

I was just at one of my worksites today where they have a google fiber connection. My project had near 0 lag. I am now at the local library and my block editor is lagging slightly. When I am at home, the lag is only slightly more than here at the library.

I really think that the lagginess we experience is a function of both the constant updating but also our individual internet connections. The better my internet connection, the less i feel the need to optimize blocks :joy: (but it’s still a good idea to optimize because i have to go home to my slow internet eventually)

I spent most of yesterday optimizing and was able to remove 400-500 redundant blocks through the use of FUnctions. One day, when the anycomponent blocks make sense, I feel I will be able to reduce the block usage even more!

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It shouldn’t be moved there because my issue is not the lag but the screen that keeps refreshing

The screens I’m trying to access aren’t any new screens the screens im trying to access are the screens that I have been accessing for a long time it’s the sudden situation where I’m unable to access them properly even if I delete a block it refreshes

It could be part of the same issue. If not, keep it here. Seems though that if you are experienceing this issue during lag. You should figure out the source of your lag and get rid of this first. Then see if you still have this issue.

How fast is your internet connection?

currently i have a pretty laggy screen. up to 10 seconds at times I have to wait. But there are 922 blocks currently on one screen, at least 20 or more different variables in use across the app. and my connection speed is 44Mbps

earlier today my speed was over 100Mbps and there was nearly no lag

I got optic Fiber

it could be an issue with your computer? Sorry my suggestions don’t help!

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Sorry, I think I misread this initially. I thought your concern was that the live app keeps updating every time you make a small change. You’re saying it undoes your work. I have seen that before but only once or twice. Not sure about the cause!

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