How long does it take to load?


I love thunkable and love working on it, but my only disappointment is that it is very slow and takes a long time to load even on my live tests… and if somebody has a solution to my problem please reply asap. And also, I know that you are working on a solution but I really need at least a temporary solution, so, please help.

@veenavivekatn0 What part of Thunkable is slow for you? Is it slow to preview Live Tests in a browser? Or in the Thunkable Live app? Or is it editing that is slow/laggy?

Overall, everything (whatever you mentioned) seems to be that way (very slow)…

Are you using the #draganddrop editor or the legacy editor @veenavivekatn0 ?

I spent all weekend working in Thunkable without any noticable delay.

I was helping a user yesterday who had 42 screens and 5,000+ blocks and even them there wasn’t a huge slow down

Can you send a screen recording maybe?

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@domhnallohanlon I’m kind of new to thunkable so, what is the difference between #draganddrop and the legacy editor that you mentioned?

FYI my app is kind of big, but not as much as 42 screens and 5,000+ blocks… It has about 15 screens…

The only thing I could say is that you need to check your internet, for latency and speed. I do encounter some lag with thunkable too but I realized that it’s my PC’s problem. Running your app on a high res screen will cause some lag, lower your screen’s resolution. Thunkable is definitely on the more resource intensive side of websites. It may also just be that Thunkable servers are laggy in your area but I doubt that.

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You should probably clear your browsing data to make Thunkable load better. It worked for me.

There’s more info in this post: 👩‍🎨 The future of UI design in Thunkable

Shouldn’t be an issue with that… but here are two tutorials that will show you how to reduce your screen count:

Yeah, the only time I notice any slow down these days is when there are lots of people on the internet, streaming video etc.

Hope that helps

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@astrangecat, thanks for suggesting, I’ll try doing that.

@humanoid, I did do that, but it only works for sometime, and it goes back to being slow as usual…thanks anyways.


Did help, thx.