Why does DnD slow down my browser?

I don’t get it.
You want to have users Use the drag and drop builder.
Yet with every update that Comes it gets slower and slower, is constantly killing screens so you can no-longer edit Them.

I used to love DnD bit with every update i Saw it got worser to the point i can Barely Use DnD it’s killing My CPU and it’s impossible for me to edit screens without Them going black as soon as i edit/add An component.

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I haven’t experienced a difference between platforms. I do notice a slowdown when there are a lot of screens and blocks. Performance is something we’re always working to improve. Could that be what you’re experiencing?

For example: I reviewed a project with 20,000 blocks and something like 40 screens and 50mb of assets.

It was huge. Definitely slowed down my browser a bit during first load but once a screen loaded it was quicker.

Additionally, if I do a hard refresh and close Chrome entirely, this helps as well. Seems like sometimes chrome will not dump its history especially if I have more than one project open at the same time in different tabs. Just another thought that I have some thing that you could try

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Nope mostly like 2 screens with a few components and like 50-80 blocks

What browser are you using? And a follow up would be can you test it in another browser? Additionally could you test it on your phone just to see if it will even come up? I ask those questions because I’ve been on Thunkable today a few times , without issue. I’ve accessed it from my phone and from two different computers to test this and I’m unable to replicate the slow down. Hoping that I can help you figure out what’s going on

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I Use Chrome on a Chromebook, may Use something like edge but can’t test rn.
And on mobile i can’t Use DnD it’s only showing a component tree and nothing else

Wondering about the load speed. Using Thunkable on mobile phones is pretty impossible BUT you should at least be able to benchmark the time it takes to load the component tree for example in your phone versus the time it takes to load and that you can see the component tree on your computer.

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That speed is always the same,
I only have lag When editing blocks,dragging/resizing/editing components.
And in the block editor after adding a few blocks

Can you try from a different computer and see if you’re still experiencing lag?

Sorry it’s slow for you, that can be a hassle. Can you share your system specs here?

CPU speed.
Operating system
Browser and current version

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No i don’t have a different one that im allowed to Use.

That’s okay i understand that it can be slow to solve it.

CPU: Quad-core (4 Core™) M8173C 2.10 GHz


OS: ChromeOS

Browser: Chrome 103 i am part of the beta testers group of Chrome so the versions may be diffrent

i’ve created a video to show a few of the speed issue’s.

not all issue’s occur here since the did not happen at the moment but it shows a relative accurate view of the problem.

Seems to be system resource intensive for you. That’s all. See mine

My Setup
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 1.46.23 PM

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Yeah but it’s only with DnD do i am not sure if it’s on My side.
StP works smootly and no lag.

The issue is still there and is getting worse.
Is there any improvement gonna be made for low resource pc or not?

Alternatifly i can turn on some chrome flags to improve my PC it’s speed.
But that’s not the best work around to use.



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