Thunkable / Server very slow

Hey Guys,
has anyone else the problem of very slow responses in thunkable?
Since yesterday it takes 1-2 minutes to start the editor in thunkable and the live view is even slower. (Been waiting for some minutes now to get a code on my device…)

I also need help, my Thunkable is not letting me open my project screen. My browser comes up white. I signed out, closed the tabs and browser, all of it. What do I do?

You need to clear the cache. Before doing that, I like to try a hard reset (ctrl-click the reload arrow) which usually fixes the problem you’re describing.

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an hard reload will be useful , just press ( Ctrl + Shift + R ) if its not work just clean your browser cache .
its depend to your project too , for me , simple project run very smooth and fast , big project with many screen and elements will run slowly

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