[Solved] Screen navigator issues

an update on my thunkable app, for whatever reason, navigating between screens causes thunkable to fall apart. it quite literally has frame rate issues after changing screens about 10 times. all I’ve done is use a bottom bar navigator and, somehow, switching between screens causes lag, no matter the phone.

I’m entirely certain that this is thunkable itself and not what I’ve created, seeing as how its unbelievably simple.

any help from someone whose encountered this, or the thunkable staff, would be greatly appreciated.

update, when i hit back on the native android bottom bar a few times the app seems to pick up speed again. so, that begs the question, is there a way to fix this navigation quirk?

using the bottom bar navigator it allows me to change screens 17 times before freezing up. this is probably just my system memory. but I’m trying like crazy to iron this out

I’m having the same problem. I tried it on Sony, Samsung, huawei. All freeze when changing screens. Except with my iPad there is no freezing. I downloaded APK and tested live on Android and all start laying. I even reduced the number of screens and blocks. Still lagging.

Ditto, I tried it on an I phone with no problems.

Try using the Android back button not one that you programmed, it speeds right up against

I did. It slows down after 9 screens.

@domhnallohanlon I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the navigation buttons but still nothing. Please help @Mark.

On my phone it’s 15, so it HAS to be a system memory thing

Is there anyway to clear the memory after closing each screen.

I wish I knew, but not that I can see

Are u using a navigator or just buttons and blocks?

I’ve tried both, I had a bottom Navigator, and made my own navigator, regardless, it slows down on Android after 15 screen navigations.

Hi @bluerfox15uht9 I may have found a fix.

DID NOT WORK: using a bottom navigator without the first screen after the splash screen.

WHAT WORKS: i used a bottom navigator with ONLY the FIRST SCREEN after the splash screen. I made the bar black and inactive and it worked. NO MORE LAG when changing screens.

IMPROVEMENTS: how do i make the bottom navigator invisible using blocks?

I hope this works for you…

AFTER TESTING MY THEORY: all screens must navigate back to the screen in the bottom navigation or else it lags again. It appears as though when I return to the screen in the bottom navigation bar it clears all the stored memory or something like that.

I don’t see a function, block, or option that lets me do this :thinking:

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Steps to follow

Use the navigation bar top or bottom, doesn’t matter.
Place the main screen only in the navigation bar
On all your other screens in the blocks section make sure your navigation buttons are all linked only to the main screen.

Still, no, I tried this. It’s like every time I change pages it’s as if it’s opening a new tab on a browser and after 10-15 tabs it runs out of memory.

But only on Android devices

Have u tried disconnecting and reconnecting all buttons.

Hey @bluerfox15uht9,

Do you mind sharing a project link so I can take a look? What is your component and block count? Does each screen perform a lot of functions?

Buddy, I’ve tried deleting it entirely. Heck, I did it on a new project that just has screen navigations