[Solved] Screen navigator issues

@bluerfox15uht9 @themindfulteacher01v
This project has a simple Bottom Tab Navigator. Running Android 9 on a Samsung S8, I experience no issues. Can either of you provide videos, project links or images of blocks to see if the problem lies there?

Thanks for your project link via dm @bluerfox15uht9. It appears you’ve created your own Bottom Tab Navigator, and are not using the Bottom Tab Navigator component.

By using custom back buttons and a custom navigator, you are constantly opening new screens. This is very inefficient, and sounds like it could be a leading factor to your app slowing down or crashing. Testing this on a Samsung S8 running Android 9, it does appear to work without flaws, despite your own experience.

May I recommend that you remove the buttons at the bottom of your app on all screens that contain them (your diy Bottom Tab Navigator) and replace them with the Bottom Tab Navigator component.

With your back buttons, this isn’t so much an issue, but if you wish to go one step further, consider checking out the Stack Navigator component. This will generate all your back buttons and let you seamlessly navigate between screens in any order, even repeating screens. This is a very powerful component.

Where possible, it is always best practice to use standard navigation components.

Let me know how you get on, Eoin.

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i actually think i found a solution, if i put screens in different groups of navigators and make them invisible, it seems to negate this. for some reason…

I figured it out, if you put screens in different navigators, for whatever reason, it doesn’t freeze. You just have to set the navigators to invisible.

I guess navigating between them resets things. 🤷🤦

That took me way too long to figure out