Its lagging crazy mutch. is it bacause off many screens?

Hey, i want to make a drinking app for me and my friends. The problem i have now is that the way i do it is that every time u click the button it goes to the next screen. I have like 20 screens now and it have started to lagg really bad.

Is it anyway to make it not lagg? Is it lagging because of all the screens? If so, is there anyways to make it in to one screen where everytime i click the button it changes the text in the lable?

Hey @yjifneqajnda05d - 20 screens should be fine, but wondering why you need so many in your project?

I have so many screens because when they are done with one task they click next so the next task comes in form of a new screen. Dont know how i can make it do that in one singele screen… But it laggs really for me :frowning:

Can you show a video of your app or explain a bit more about how the tasks work? Because this sounds like something that could definitely be made using a single screen.

@yjifneqajnda05d - I suppose there are some differences between what you can do and what you should do in a Thunkable project.

Take a look at this post which includes two tutorials for dramatically reducing the number of screens in your app.