Screen flashes or like change bg to white whenever i change screen

im getting issue in my app, whenever i change screen, its flashes (bg change into white)like transition, i have giving an video of my issue…thank you
Screen_Recording_20230930-084441_life (5.0 MB)

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It’s hard to help if you don’t provide a screenshot of the blocks you’re using or a link to your project. Can you share your project? Are you using a Navigator?

do you have teamviewer? can you help me using this, because there are 100+ screens in my app i cant send screenshot of all blocks

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I am not sure there is anything wrong with how your app is loading but that white “flash” is the next screen loading as it should, it is just not adding in the black background and the other elements of the screen.

For almost all apps, made on Thunkable or otherwise, there is no need for your project to have 100 separate screens. Going through and refactoring your app might be a good idea here:

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bro i have made an app called life hacks where i wil add many facts about tech,and other topics , i have done adding 100 hacks about technology , i have added one hack in one screen , because idk how to change the page by tapping an arrow button without making new screens, thats why i added 100 screens for 100 hacks, will you tell me how i can add facts in one page,i mean whenever user click one next arrow button, it show him an next hacks , (i have designed hacks in images) ;;;;;;

100 pages of 100 hacks sounds :100:% whack

Check this app out
You really shouldn’t have that many screens. It’s poor practice. You basically are paginating thru your list. Perhaps some screens need components others don’t but that’s simple stuff. I’d imagine there are themes to the 100 screens that would allow you to reduce the total number required to maintain.

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If you feel comfortable sharing your app, I can take a look at it to help you reduce screens


here is my app : Thunkable

and here is the app that i wanted to make:

please help me as soon as posible

Thanks for sharing that link. As myself and others have pointed out previously, your app is likely to run into issues with 100 separate screens and unfortunately, there is really nothing we can do to help in this case.

I would suggest reading through the post Jared linked above and seeing how you can use dynamic data and components to reduce the number of screens.

You will see the issue go away as you start to incorporate these ideas into your app development.

If there is something specific you have a question about, feel free to share a screenshot of the blocks you are you using and we’ll be glad to help!

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I updated your app and also included a new page that shows an example of using a database vs using a pic for each hack. I suggest going the database route.

Edit: The picture method I Included will only display your hacks if “ALL” the pics are label numerically.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ! this IS WHAT I WANTED , BUT I WANT THAT WHEN I CLICK ON HACKS ITS can STart countinusly not from 1 , like if i finished 23 hacks,it should be again start with 23 not 1 . hope you understand . and can you give me a short video tutorial about how you put all images on one screen, coz i not understood well, Please , i realy apreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Before I give you an example are you going to use the spreadsheet method or picture method?

Picture Method:
1: I set up a variable named “Page Number”.
2: When the next page button is clicked it increases the page number by one.
3: Since your pictures were labeled numerically, I used the text join block to join
the page number and “.png” to load the picture.
Example: 63 & .png = 63.png
4: Last I set an If statement to check and make sure the page number was not
greater than the last picture and another If statement so the page number
would not be less than 1

Updated Code with stored page number, “Change Hack” function to clean up code, and pages loop back to first or last page:

Database Method:

Same as above but instead of setting a picture to the page number I used the page number as a row ID to get the value for the Labels text.

Updated Code with stored page number, “Change Hack” function to clean up code, and pages loop back to first or last page:

Database view:

give me the updated code version

Here ya go!

i want to add a buttion on 100th screen

Create a button, make it invisible, then add code to the “change hack” function that says If page number equals 100 make button visible, else make button invisible.

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how to add code

Stop. Don’t build 100 screens

I have already reduced his app to three screens. He is referring to adding a button when it shows 100th hack not 100th page.

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