App Limit Number of Screens and Items


Can someone check and edit my app.

Main Problem: App Crashes when 4th screen is tried to open.
Procedure: 1st screen (splash screen) wait for 1.5 seconds. 2nd screen - click enter. 3rd screen - click “profile” then at this point the app crashes.

My guess: this is the limit for x thunkable. The memory is not enough to handle too much screens and items.

I hope that somebody can solve this problem.

I am in the first stage of making this app. I don’t have too much blocks on it. I am just organizing the screen design.

Advance Thank You!


I remixed your app, followed your procedure and didn’t see any issues with it.

I did note that there is a block that is marked as an error within your 'when LoadingScreen Starts' block:


I don’t think that that is causing the crash that you are seeing but it would be worth fixing that error and trying again, just to be sure.

FYI, from a previous post:

Thank you. I will check my app.

I already fixed that error (navigate to loginscreen) but still app crashes when it opened the 4th screen.

These are the things I did to test my hypothesis.

  1. I moved the order of the screens. I found out that all screens didn’t have any error because live test was working properly.
  2. I compiled the app in apk format and installed on my android device and still all screens are working properly.
  3. I remove all the images on my app to lessen the use of memory.

But I encountered the same problem - App crashes when it opened the 4th screen. So it can only handle to open up to 3rd screen.

I hope you can help me with this.

James, sorry if I’m misunderstanding you, but in item 1 above you say that all screens are working correctly in live test and in item 2 above you say that all screens were working correctly when compiled and installed. So under what conditions is your app not working?


Main Problem: App Crashes when switching screens during live test and even in apk format.

test: 1st screen (splash screen). wait for 1.5 seconds then it goes to 2nd screen. next click button “Enter” and it goes to 3rd screen (main menu). On the 3re screen click the tab button “profile” and the APP CRASHES.

It can’t handle to open up to four screens.


I’ve tried the steps that you describe on the app that you linked to in an earlier post and it it did not crash for me. Can you share a link to the latest version (using the share button) where you fixed the error that I noted previously.

At this point a few other things which seem worth checking:

  1. Make a copy of your project (see here for how). First see if that copy demonstrates the problem. If it does, remove all the blocks in the first screen (i.e. LoadingScreen) except for the 'when Timer1 fires ...' blocks and see if the app still has the problem.
  2. Make sure that you are running the latest version of the Thunkable live test app by going to the Google Play store and updating the app, if neccessary.
  3. Perhaps the problem specific to your phone model or version of Android. If you have access to a different device could you check with that? In any case can you tell us which phone model and Android version your device is running.