App Limits? Can i upload unlimited apps via thunkable?

App Limits
App size 50 MB
App icon size Up to app size of 50 MB
Account size limit 200 MB

Hello. If I upload an app via thunkable to the app store, how many apps I can upload there? Unlimited?

I mean like: Can I create 100 apps and upload 100 different apps to the app store?

And how does a update an exisiting app in the app store works? Do I have to make changes in thunkable and then just simply upload/publish it again via thunkable?

Because I dont understand what the account size limit means.

Just need a simple answer. Thanks. (sorry for my bad english skills)

hey guys… I am waiting till 4 days… can I just get a quick answer…?? just a yes or no…

Yes,Sir.You can :slight_smile:

Actually the answer is no… The account limit is basically telling you how many apps you can have, the app size limit is telling you how big your app can be before it will not export! If you have 4 apps at 50 MB each then that would be your limit of apps until you delete them. Is this correct @thunkable

Currently, each app can be up to 50MB and your account can have a total of 200MB. If you have 100 apps of 2MB or less each (making your account total <200MB), then that is fine. Or, as @Nathan suggested, you can have 4 apps with 50MB.

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Thanks for the answers so far…

Now I need a solution. How can I create as many apps as possible without limits? My apps are only webviewerapps.

Do I have to pay something? Or do I have to delete old projects from thunkable?


Thank you for this information. Do you have further information, what limits are implicated in the thunkable platform (Number of Screens per app, blocks per Screen, design components per screen, etc.)

This might help me because I think I am beyond these limits. (downloaded app now seems to not compile the whole large project anymore)


The limits of 50MB per app and 200MB per account apply to the total size of the files (i.e., images, audio, videos, etc.) in the app or account.

There are no built in limits to the “number of screens per app, blocks per screen, design components per screen, etc”.

What errors are you seeing when trying to download your app?


Thx for this information. I can download my app without problems for ios and android. But when I launch the app it seems like the block section would be empty. It has completely no functionality. I can switch screens but normally it would collect data from firebase. This does not work

Live mode is fine.

The problem is still there (checked it 5 min ago, by downloading the app, installing and launching) . It occurs that installation is very fast now. It used to be slower. Has the beaver not packed the plenty of blocks into the downloaded app?!

maybe this construction is causing the trouble:

the variable “stored Scr9_LanguagePack” is not determinated on the first run. Maybe i have to fetch it from firebase first, because otherwise it will stop the rest of the Screen1_Search.Opens block.


@Mark Sorry for messing up this thread!

“Everything is possible in Thunkable” :wink: :+1:

I like it when a problem gets solved before I have a chance to get to it! :heart_eyes: