What is maximum size of apk file in thunkable x

what is maximum size of apk file in thunkable x

Sorry I thought it was 25 MG but now it is 50 MG.

are u sure?

The limit 50MB per project:

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@Conor is correct. you can have 50mb of assets on Thunkable X.


@Conor in thunkable classic platform also 50 MB limit ??

Thunkable Classic apps have a limit of 10mb.

ok thanks. and i want to another solution.

can i open app in cross platform and modify that in cross platform? which is created in classic platform.

You can’t open a Thunkable Classic app in Thunkable X. You will need to create a new app.

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Does the size depend on the APK or AIA file?
In Thunkable X or in Thunkable Classic.
It is always the APK is bigger than AIA so what does the limit size depend on?
Would you answer ASAP, please?

thunkable classic apk size

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Are you sure buddy?

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The size limit is for the project file (i.e. aia file)

I found @albert reply :point_down: for one of the old topic related to Thunkable Classic.

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yes,i am sure

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