Actual problems with (size)

Today I could not copy a project and there was a problem uploading assets (maximum asset size exceeded.

Solved: Copy project copied several times. But I could not see it. Then there were 10 copies.
I deleted them and things worked again.

But this error of me brings me to a question:

How many project can we create and is the space for assets limited?

There is no limit… so you can Thunk all you want :wink:

Yes, The maximum total size for assets is 10 mb. if you need more space, then a cloud server like firebase, could help here :slight_smile:


Glad to hear your problem is solved :slight_smile:

In Thunkable ✕, the maximum space for assets is 50MB per app.

oh, i didnt realise he was talking about Thunkable X :sweat_smile:

…this is the thunkable x forum…:wink:

Thank you to all these helpful people in this forum!

I think my other problem was the account size limit of 200MB, because I used images of my iphone foto library in original size… and too many copies to test changes in my projects.