Is there a limit on the number of projects you can create?

I have a question…For people who do not use thunkable pro how many limited projects can they make?? #thunkable #limitedprojects #queryonthunkable #notthunkablepro

i have more than 15 projects.u get 100mb.if all that gets filled then u cant make apps anymore . i have 63 mb used . idk when i will have to stop

Hey @shreshtdugar23oct-23 :wave: welcome to the Thunkable Community.

Our early adopters don’t have a limit on how many projects they create but new users can have up to 10 projects

According to our research this number comfortable accommodates the vast majority of users on the Free tier - how many projects do you currently have? Of those projects, how many are published?

All users on the free tier get 200MB storage.

You can read more about PRO here:

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soory @domhnallohanlon for tthe wrong answer

i have more than 100 projects and none are pulished @domhnallohanlon

and i have never been a thunkable pro member

by publishing u can do it and later on when u have enough money u can by pro

@shreshtdugar23oct-23 How is this possible, its not allowing me to create more than 10

@chakrabortydhanashri this is the limit for free accounts set up after July 19th.

What sort of apps are you working on?

Are any of them templates that you can remove or reuse?

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You must be busy! Are you publishing all ten?

My recommendation would be to create a lot of screens in 1 project and make the first a navigator page for testing purposes instead of creating a million projects.

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pls dont use multiple accounts… you will encounter those issues then…