Please consider increasing private project limit for Pro users


I want to nudge Thunkable to consider increasing the number of private projects that a Pro member can have. Right now, the limit is 50. That actually sounds like a lot. It’s unlikely that a user is going to create more than 50 different apps and need them all to be private.

Here’s where things get complicated. As of now, there is no version history support in Thunkable. I’d love to see that added but I imagine that’s a pretty big upgrade to the software. So as I’m working on a private project, in order to (a) keep a backup in case something goes wrong and (b) keep multiple versions to test different methods of coding something, I make multiple copies of each project. If I’m working on a project for a short while, I might have 3-4 copies by the time I’m done. If I’m working longer, it might be as many as 10 copies.

So, suddenly, that 50 private project limit looks really small. It means I can only create 5 larger apps. That’s quite limited for something that is supposed to be a Pro account.

I just checked and I have 237 private projects. Is that excessive? Yes! I can certainly go through and delete copies I no longer need but by my estimate, I’d still need at least 100 projects for my active apps and backups. Also, several bugs (reported in GitHub) in the Projects page have prevented me from being able to manage and reduce that number effectively, at least in the past.

What would it look like to increase the number of private projects to 100 for Pro users? Or to 250? I know I’m in the minority here as most users probably do okay with a limit of 50. So I’d be curious to hear from other users who are coming up against that limit. Maybe it’s just me…?

And sure, I could consider a Business membership for four times the annual cost. But as I’m not a business, just an individual, I really can’t afford $2,000 a year.

Edit: I went through and deleted a bunch of unnecessary copies of projects and you’ll be happy to know that I’m down to the new low total of 192 private projects!


I second @tatiang in this. It is a huge issue to use this way of version control with a low limit of private projects.


i have not run up against the limit, but i have a lot of projects since sometimes you have a thought and start building to see. I have been unhappy with the fact that pro lost functionality in the new tier system. i think, at least for legacy users, we should be able to have all the features we are used to using without upgrading to business as this is way too expensive for private developers.

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If this affects you, please add a comment to this GitHub issue:

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@tatiang We are currently exploring some ideas in regards auto versioning. It’s definitely something on our minds but it is also a big undertaking with a lot of moving parts and things we need to get settled first (e.g.the amounts and limits of this feature and a bunch of other stuff). But we are actively looking into this and that is a good thing!


@conroy I’m so glad to hear that! Yes, I imagine it’s not easy to move to a system like that but I think it would be a good selling point for Thunkable and would ease users’ minds about the experience.

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