Input lag in Thunkable + bottom navigation bar

There is a strong input lag while pressing any button or any component when it’s working and that makes the apps look cheap laggy and seriously damages the UX could you look into it I’m sure Thunkable can fix this

Secondly why does the bottom bar icon lags even when I have uploaded them in my app there is a significant lag I previously made a custom bottom bar using rows and button components but it had input lag too so I switched to bottom navigation it’s bit better then custom but both face the same issue could you look into it


Compared to instagrams navigation

Both are 5 sec clips but for ig I was able to switch between icons much smoother and faster than on Thunkable

iPhone 6s+ IOS 13.3

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I also hope that Thunkable can finally address all the user experience and user interface glitches :grimacing: Also the images/map/… always reloading once a button is pressed or another action is performed. As you wrote it does really damage the UE of a nice app.

What behavior do you mean concerning buttons?

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This is true! but thankfully they are solving a more important issue wich is the block editors slowness wich is was frustrating to make an app !

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Input lag if button is to take to next screen the screen lags

They are doing a great work at it tho

well of course speed is another important thing but I don’t care much about blocks speed as long as I cannot create a good user experience… Users will only see the result of your app not the blocks speed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

best, Chris

I don’t agree. Blocks is developers UX. then both go hand in hand and need equal attention blocks speed and UX speed and can any one @ Thunkable member who can look into it

@farhanlatif027i3df hey, does your bottom navigator also not react at all on first touch?

This is my current situation if that’s what you mean :joy: video starts with me pressing the right most icon


Oh - that looks really bad. I have the issue that the bottom navigator would not respond to my initial touch at all. It will only respond after I already touched an icon once.

I tried many times to restart app and try but no
any icon I tap is pressed but with huge lag

How much information are you loading onto the new screen? Keep in mind, each new screen on Instagram app is just a list… and not lots of images and text. Lists are very efficient in terms of how fast they load etc. So keep that in mind. The lag shown in the above videos (gifs?) do not occur to me on such an extreme level.

Maybe try and minimise the loaded content, and add a button to allow the user to load more images or data.

Also make sure your images aren’t stupidly big, there is no point loading a 12MP image into a 100x100 pixel box.


Instagram has stylised lists, they function the same as lists, just A LOT nicer :slight_smile:

It’s 4 columns where pictures are loaded and around 20-30 labels

Will we be able to do it with the upcoming extended list viewer?

You would not call this extreme? If I downloaded an app that would respond as slow as that only to load the menu I would remove it instantly :grimacing:

Also you cannot see the time between his touch and the reaction. We can only guess it because iPhone does not support to show touch on screen records.

@farhanlatif027i3df would you maybe be able to share a copy of your project? Maybe we could test it on multiple devices to isolate the issue.

Best, Chris

@Chris exactly we can’t have positive attitude in everything @eoinparkinson sometimes there is a problem that needs a fix :joy:

And sorry Chris I wish I could but I don’t wanna share it :confused: sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

I am only basing my point off of my personal experience which has been so far pretty good.

Can you try recreate this with pressing a button to go to next page or stack navigator to see if the issue persists?

I also have that flash images when changing screens but not that long but what @eoinparkinson said is tru when you load a heavy screen it takes more time , you have to make sure to don’t have many things in the screen if you are not working with Dynamic components and you are loading 4 colums all those labels and also images is a very heavy screen

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Yes but Thunkable has improved 10x in last few days the block screen containing 10 variables the same screen where they were initiated took me about 10-15 min to load everytime now it takes me 1-2 min I’m sure if Thunkable took notice of this issue they can solve it in short duration

Let’s hope so! I’m also facing this issue so I would this to be solve as well , the only thing to do now is to wait ! yes thunkable has improve 10x so thats why I’m also staying positive :grin:

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