My App is too slow


my app is just incredibly slow. Everything is delayed. And that’s not a good thing for an emergency app.
I have around 2400+ blocks on the main screen, so not a lot. I would like to do more, but then everything will only get much worse. There are no timers that run continuously. Only when really necessary. I have limited the components to the least, but to no avail.

Are there any tricks? Under the circumstances, I am forced to not publish the app because it is too great a risk.

My main project has 3000k blocks on the main screen alone, 6k total. suprisingly, the screen with only 1200 runs slower due to what is happeneing. Are you repainting the screen after each user screen touch? Are you running an API that requests data or just requesting data from the internet frequently? Could your order of functional operation be changed to optimize speed?

I can say that when i incorporated firebase into my datacollection app as the data source, it slowed things down a lot. I needed to (i think) add a timer so that instead of each button click changing the realtimeDB, each button click fired a timer while changing a local variable. only after the timer finally runs out shoudl i then change the realtimeDB which would then force changes to all thhe local variables related to that key

What do you mean with this? :sweat_smile:


I don’t think so

Also, i do not use Firebase or any other DB which is online.

And it works good? No lags?

I mean, are there buttons that change color, do you change the size of components, frequent UI changes beyond labels.

Only a bit I think. Check it out. “The behavior report card” available on both app stores for free

Nope… Nothing

If you wanna share a link, maybe someone could check it out and try to give you some helpful feedback?

I would always suggest reducing blocks via functions whenever possible and using function type variables instead of app type variables, whenever possible.