Loading icon when data is being loaded

In any application or game, it is crucial to have a loading screen when loading data from a screen, in thunkable is there such a possibility, if there is, someone can propose an example please.

See docs

:point_up_2:t2: You ca try animation or loading icon

Or search the community :point_right:t2: LIKE THIS


Thanks @Goldking, But the thing is that it explains the loading icon, but as such, it doesn’t explain how the loading of a screen works, that is, how you could implement that when a screen is loading data or something similar.

When you navigate to a new screen, there isn’t a way to show a loading icon or screen while that is happening. But you have control over when data is loaded on a screen. So whenever you use blocks that load data, you can choose to show a loading icon.

If you have a screenshot of the blocks you’re using to load data, post that and we can go from there.