RESULTS! Thunkable’s 2022 App of the Year Contest

We are thrilled to announce the winners of Thunkable’s App of the Year Contest. :tada: :trophy:

Congratulations to all! :tada:

From thousand creators and over a million apps built on Thunkable, here are the selected best apps for 2022 chosen by our team.

These apps are really impressive showing once again that if you can think it, you can Thunk it!

We’d love to talk with the winners and anyone else who wants to share their feedback.

We’d also like to congratulate all of the Creators who entered; we received many outstanding apps!

Our next contest will begin soon! Get ready, the next winner may be you.

This year, we can expect to see even better apps built on Thunkable!

Let’s have a big round of applause for the winners! :clap:

@carlinmclellan @indepa @manasi10 @maurizio.polverini89 @funmathforkids @skulamester @finbarr.mccarthytl32 @whatscarcsrmab


Thank you very much!
It’s a pleasure to have 2 of my apps listed as winners in this thrilling year contest!

Congratulations to everyone and wish you good luck for your next projects!

@maurizio.polverini89 Keep up the excellent work! :clap:

@ioannis Wow thank you so so much!!!

Congrats @indepa @manasi10 @maurizio.polverini89 @funmathforkids @skulamester @finbarr.mccarthytl32 @whatscarcsrmab on your awesome creations.

I am completely blown away and totally honoured to be on this list.

Look forward to connecting with more Thunkers in the weeks and months ahead.

Thank you Team Thunkable for the support, and for all you do. You guys are amazing :stars:

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@carlinmclellan We are extremely proud of our creators! You make us stand out.
Keep up Thunking!

Congrats @carlinmclellan :star_struck:

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