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Hi, Can anyone tell me names of apps that can be downloaded from App Store of Apple and created with Thunkable? Store in Italy. Thanks in advance.

Hi @micheleqli39j, welcome to Thunkable! Is there a specific type of app you are looking for? There are lots of apps on the App Store that were created with Thunkable but if you are able to give us a more specific idea of what you are looking for, someone might be able to better help you out here. Thanks!

Hi matt_conroy and thank you for your response.
I don’t have any specific needs at the moment… I would just like to check how they work, how they show themselves to the public.
Thanks in advance

I don’t think you’ll see much difference at all between apps built in Thunkable vs those that are coded out in XCode, Android Studio, etc.

A good place to start would be App of the Year Contest from 2022. You could also check out the Promote Your App category here in the Thunkable Community.

Thank you :upside_down_face:

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