Will the App Store accept apps made with Thunkable?

I have a less than basic knowledge of how Apple products work, and for the little I have tried those I can’t get to like the way everything works in iOS. “Not my cup of tea” I must say.

But I still have some questions that I would like to ask. Is it true that the App Store doesn’t approve apps that don’t reach a quality standard? In that case, what would be the right way to distribute an app made by users who are beginners with Thunkable, since most of the times the quality/usefulness of those apps is nearly 0? Are there or will be side stores or galleries where users can upload/download amateur apps?

I haven’t personally used this, but iPhoneCake seems promising.

I don’t think soo Apple won’t allow a app to be on AppStore as Users pay 100$ to create a developer account! I am sure they won’t allow app which goes against their guidelines like
1: Sending music to downloads
2: Downloading Youtube videos
3: Hacked or cracked apps
4: Cracked ipa store, etc

Otherwise it will be accepted :+1:

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Why would they not accept Thunkable App? If you make a ‘normal’ app that users like Apple is happy that you made and published the app

I’m talking about the general group of apps produced by Thunkable users, not the occasional one or two that actually makes something of superior quality. Currently, anybody can upload their app to the Google Play Store or Amazon, no matter how good or bad it is. I think it’s not going to be the same with Apple. Is that right?

As far as my knowledge extends, Apple cannot simply reject your app for dubious reasons. Superior or inferior quality is decided by the users, not by Apple. If the app receives too many flags, then it may be pulled down. Same goes for the Play Store.

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Well, that’s not what Apple thinks…

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This is not you regular everyday Google Play Store, kid! (joking)
And I’m not even taking in consideration the $99 annually, you need to pay to Apple, against the one single $25 payment for life for the Play Store developer account.

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You don’t need to pay 100$ for Developer account, you can make it for free. But if you want to upload apps to the App Store you have to pay 100$/year (like for Google Play Store, only 25$/lifetime) for Developer Membership.

Well, the initial question was about PUBLISHING the apps, not just making them. I know anybody can make an iOS app for free, for you or your friends. But in case you want to make it public, there’s going to be a lot to do to have Apple approving it (way more than what you need to do to put it on the Google Play Store). That’s what the thread is about.
And that’s something the regular Thunkable/App Inventor 2 user is not used to, and frankly most of the users lack a sense of style and/or graphics design skills to make it even look professional.

So, in the path of being “proactive” (I hate that word), how about implementing a basic GUI design course initially for iOS Thunkable developers, to help mitigate the heartache tsunami I predict will come when everybody and their cousin’s dog start sending their app to App Store and being rejected?

A well-designed template should solve the problem.

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Your app has to be well design as @pavi2410 said, but also it needs to have functionality. Pretty much it has to be useful.

Well, isn’t that what I marked in yellow in Apple’s guidelines? :confused: I never said the contrary.

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Wow! A “TEMPLATE”! So most of the iOS apps made with Thunkable will end up looking the same but in different colors? Wonderful!

ok! Let me get out of ios :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Many of you can get a free apple dev account to upload

read @domhnallohanlon’s post here


That’s Apple for ya. Where they lose in efficient algorithms for displaying search results in the app store (unlike Google Play), they make up by blocking spam apps altogether.

I guess the only guarantee is to make a top notch app whose design principles are similar, but not exactly the same as that of top apps.

Good news and bad news! Both!

Google will also follow the same trend

This has always been the case with all of Google’s products. Bad SEO, bad design or spammed links lead to a lower PageRank. Same goes for apps on the Play Store. Though they can push your app down on the results page, they cannot remove it from the store unless it violates any of their T&C, which is quite rare.
It is for the same reason that the Play Store has the most number of apps than the App Store or Microsoft’s store, but at the same time, only the best apps show up.