Thanks again, Thunkable!

Hi Thunkers! :wave:
Yesterday, was a great day for me.

In the Morning, my aunt and uncle from USA, got me a brand new Laptop/Notebook :star_struck:

In the Afternoon, I read the announcement & Blog Post - “The best 19 apps of 2019”, and I got surprised when my app was selected in the list :star_struck:

In the Evening, I got the mail “The best 19 apps of 2019”, which also included the December Hackathon’s results, which I took part in. And to my surprise, I was the Grand Prize winner :star_struck: :star2:

So, a big Thank You! to Thunkable for featuring my app in the best apps to 2019 list, and selecting my project as the winner of December Hackathon!!

Also, this week I crossed 40 solutions on this account, and 18 on my other account (@kartik) So, finally, I am over 50+ solutions, and this would be a milestone in my Journey :blush:

You might know, I was surprised the same when I won the August one…
This topic says it all - Thanks a lot, Thunkable!

This one has detail of my 50+ solutions - I have reached 50+ Solutions!

So, Thanks to all my good friends over this huge community (espically @eoinparkinson & @BlueWhaleYT ), all very helpful Seniors (espically @actech & @CBVG ), all my partners (espically @io.nut.ilie, @tatiang, @jared), all the friendly (and funny too :grin: ) Thunkable staff members and Thunkable for making me very happy :blush: :blush:

Thank you so much!

Kartik Tambi


Congrats on winning the hackathon!


Thanks a lot, @tatiang! :blush:

Also, Thanks @domhnallohanlon for the like :blush:

congrats! you deserve it, dude! Keep up all your great work!

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Thanks a lot, @jared! :blush:

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And to add topping on my desert, I just earned the “Respected” badge :star_struck:


Thanks a lot, Thunkable!


Absolute pleasure Thunking with you @kartik14

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Same here @eoinparkinson :facepunch: :blush:

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