[Resolved] Issues after live app update to 316 [July 2022]

The buttons and images do not recognize the click event in the live app.

Hi @dgasparottillg1 - which device are you experiencing this on?

Upgrading to 317-3 fixed the problem on a Galaxy S8 using Android 8.0.0, Galaxy 10e using Android 12 and a LG K40 with Android 10. Wasn’t working on any of them with the version 316. Looks like it fixed it for me, at least.


I also update to the same version, and the groups are back where they are supposed to be! Thanks @cassandra and team!


I am using Samsung Galaxy A12. I have been developing the application for 4 months.3 days ago the application worked perfectly. Now the clicks on the images and on some buttons do not work. It doesn’t work on the build either. It also does not load some images.

We pushed an update late yesterday. Can you please make sure you’re on the latest version of the Thunkable Live app?

Hello All

I published a new version of an application and it has a crashed screen design. the same thing appears in thunkable live (check image below):

This is the app when download to android:

This image is the old version in Playstore (the good version):

I already checked the design in thunkable and they haven’t changed, it only changes when I view the app. Would you be so kind to help me with this issue, please?

Thank you!

Can you explain what exactly is happening? What does “crash screen design” mean?

All buttons, boxes, images and labels lost their position as a collage.

You can compare the images with the old good version app (check the next imagen) with the others.

Are you using groups?

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Yes it is.

There is an open bug, see here

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Thank you Zander for the quick response and information!


Of course :grinning:

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The version is 317-3 . I compile the app for android whit the same errors.

I already found out what the problem is. changed the order of the layers. At the bottom of the screen I use labels with transparency and at the top I place the buttons. It doesn’t take the click. If I remove the background label, the click works fine.


I have to agree with @dgasparottillg1 , After your last update my group orders now show backwards. We used to have the group up in the component tree to show on top of other objects which makes sense. However, after your last update I have to go to my components are reverse the order for them to show the way I want.

Is this intentional and we have to get used to it or are you reverting back?


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This also might be a related bug to this current thread:

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See my comments in your post.

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Hello all

I hope you are greate!

Are you so kind to help me know how long it will take to fix this issue? :grinning:

Beforehand, thank you for your support

Nice day!

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