Rendering Order for an Images that covers a button

I put this question to ChatGPT before coming here,
“I made in app which has buttons on it, when I make an image cover the buttons and then get rid of that image, so the buttons are showing again, the button doesn’t work the first time I press it. But from the 2nd time it does work and continue to work, until I bring the image forward again and make the image disappear, then I have to press the button twice again to make it work again.”

Chat gave several replies, but I think the answer is this one:
“Double-check the rendering order of your elements. Make sure that when the image is brought forward, it doesn’t cover the buttons in a way that prevents them from receiving click events.”

It’s not a huge issue, but just annoying.
Any ideas on how to resolve it?

No, because you haven’t told us anything about how your project is coded. For example “get rid of that image” could mean any number of things in Thunkable.

Include a project link or at least screenshots of your blocks and component tree. See these community guidelines: How to ask Great Questions v2.0

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