Image blinks at the startup of the app

When the apps starts the image used in the button is blinked for sometime and after sometime it automatically get solved. How can I fix this. This is my project link
Hope anyone can help

I don’t see any blinking, but I do see a lot of almost identical blocks that made a simple screen 10 times more complex.

Can you tell me about that ?

Imagine that you need to make not 4, but 100 buttons. Will you do them manually as well as in your project? No, then think about how to automate and simplify your blocks.

To eliminate similar blocks, use functions and Any components.

This is the blinking

Do I understand correctly that by blinking, you mean that the button drawing is displayed first, and then they disappear and the buttons turn blue?

Mamma mia! At least you can see what size and weight of images you use in the app! 1280*1280px - 150 kb! Of course, this is not a reason to blink, but it’s just an unimaginable size of images for Thunkable X.

So what resolution of image I should use ?

It depends on how big you want to make the buttons.

I changed the resolution but the blinking is not gone yet

You didn’t give a video that shows the problem so far, so I can’t say anything more, because I don’t understand what it is.

I have a recorded a video but there is no way here to upload the video

I have compressed the video file in a zip (590.5 KB)

Now I understand.

So how can I fix that

Now I understand.It’s all very difficult for you. Why do you make 4 buttons in each line when you only need 2 buttons?

If you need multiple button States, you need to enter a parameter to track the button state and change the image on the button and the link to call the desired resource depending on it.

Why do you have a blue button background color? Do you have a button with 3 States?

I am making a toggle on and off button

Toogle is done using a single button with two States. And you have two buttons and 3 States. Of course, everything will blink, because there is a redraw of unnecessary components.

Do you understand that you only need 4 buttons, and two images of as little weight as possible-on and off, and there should be no background for the buttons?

What is the current weight of images for buttons?

Can you make one please then I will understand