How to use 2 buttons to do something? and how to change the button colors and back?

Hi guys…

I need change the image when i use 2 buttons… so to show one image i need click in one of the first line and after in the second line (like A3, B2, C1, A2, B3, C2…)
How i do this in blocks?

And i can change the colors from text and background when i click in the button, but i dont know how to back to normal settings when i click again…
Example: Original button: Blue text and white background
When i click: White text and black background
When 1 click again: back to original settings (blue text and white background)
its possible do this?

If button 1 pressed down set variable to varibale +1, and if button 2 pressed down set same variable to + 1.

When timer fires check if variable = 2

if = to set image to source

else = do nothing

And if button up set variable - 1

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need other block to conect if before…

If possible show me this blocks you say in images please?

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I have a short solution for you. plz refer below :

Hope it Helps :wink:


change submit button to timer that fires every 100ms


I do these blocks but in the app nothing that I thought happened

So, maybe I think you did not understand what I need so will put images now…

This is the app:

if i click A1 or 1a show this

If click B2 or 2B show this

So need two buttons to show a image forever…

sorry if i do anything wrong from last posts…

If i click 1A and show the cat… when i click 2B he need back button 1 to normal (blue text and white background)
I think to do this i will need do this:

i just are asking because maybe have a small code do back normal when i do another actions…
and confirm if my thinking is right

Hey there @Yukold, :wave:
Did you set timer enabled?

Try to do this :


Of course I forgot to do this… thanks for a lot of patience with this dumb (me!)

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Hi @Yukold
Take a look at this link, I made what you looking for:
:point_right::point_right: Link to project’s topic :point_left::point_left:


User should select two buttons to cahnge the image

When user click on one button, it’s change style and color. it’s disable other buttons which are in the same row

When two buttons selected, little loading animation, apear before actual image shows up

User can combine different combinations, such as A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3 which will give you different results.


OMG Farzam, its very good!!
So the problem: i need to click again the same button to unlocked other options… i need be more more fast and when i click another button he just go… (this system lock is a problem =/)

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