Image keeps blinking


I’ve just added a logo in the image component into the top row of my app. Unfortunately, the image blinks all the time, which is quite disturbing. Is there a problem there or am I overlooking some configuration?


Using timer?

Yes, I am using a timer but I do not do anything with the image.
The timer is fired every 300ms and the text box is checked and I filter a list viewer based on that text. Can that cause such problem?

I mean I have buttons with background pictures and they are just fine.The images in the image components are blinking.

So top of the row delete the title image, add button, give the button size as you prefer or fill with row, add title image to button image. It ll be ok. Or share your project I ll help you.

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Hi, thank you for the hint. That’s what I did at the end but it is kind of workaround. I assume that there is a problem with the image component.

I just tried today and the problem seems to be gone.

I had the same problem even without any timer component. I did your suggestion and it worked smoothly. Thanks

I have the problem with the animation ? :frowning: and the problem is I can’t but the son fille to a button background to solve the problem …

So basically, the solution is to replace image elements with buttons which does help. However, the issue with the image element is clearly a bug. Anyone at Thunkable listening?


That’s issue are common although I ignore it :slight_smile:

@Deluxe, could you please file a bug on our external issues list? That will help us to track and prioritize it.

Thanks in advance.


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