Strange behavior Image component on iOS

The Image component is redrawn when the timer is running, if put an empty Timer.Fires block in the block editor or when moving and releasing the slider, if place an empty block Slider.onValueChange and Slider.onSlidingComplete in the block editor.

If instead of Image you use the button, then the redrawing will not: In Column, add a button with the background image and cover it with a transparent Column to prevent clicking on it.

Interesting — thanks for reporting this. Do you have a sample app that we can look further into?

Hello Albert,

I decided to combine the demonstration with a few oddities in the project.

  1. Column1 does not display the background image.
  2. Pressing the Button1 button sets the slider to 50 only the first time it is pressed.
  3. Image1 is redrawn when the slider moves and the timer runs when there are empty blocks of event handlers.

This I tested on iOS 10.3 and 11.3

– Alex