Buttons looses pictures and some functions dont work

I have this app that when I swipe between the screens looses the pictures in som buttons and the some functions stop working.
Have anyone else have some symptoms like that???
Dificult to explain but I can make a video if someone will help me.

A video would be helpful, yes, and also a screenshot of the blocks you’re using to display the images.

Thanks. I now made a short video on this link

The problem is when I start the screen this picure is in all 3 button to the right
But after I have been on the other screens this picture disapeer and som functions in the app stop working. But i hope the viedeo will explain it better.


are you setting the image when screen starts or from default properties you have done it

A few questions and thoughts:

  1. Are those buttons added at design time or are they cloned buttons?
  2. Are the visible, size, or text properties set using blocks or set during runtime?

If they are cloned buttons, my first guess would be an issue of asynchronous execution. I know I’m a broken records about asynchronous functions, but they are almost always at the bottom of erratic/iirregular/unpredicable behaviors.

From default in the design

are you doing something to image in blocks

They are NOT cloned

nothing at all I can send you the share link if you like

Wondering is this is caching/latency with Thunkable Live @funhall?

Does the same thing happen on the installed app?

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i will download it right away and test it. That is what you mean right?
it is IOS btw.

Yep - thanks! For Thunkable Live the images and transmitted to your device whereas when it’s installed they already live on the device so there shouldn’t be any flickering like this.

Got it. Let us know when the build completes, hopefully everything works as expected!