Remix error - please help

I have received this remix error multiple times now, reporting it prior under the ThunkableX github issues, where it is promptly resolved and the issue is then closed. Last submission the github responder ( mark-friedman) suggested I post the issue here (i.e. “the community”) as it would more likely to be seen.

So … I am posting this same issue once again, this time with a bit more urgency! My Technovation team needs to submit their ThunkableX project before EOD Tuesday, 4/23 and we can’t generate a link. Here’s a relatively recent version of the project which you can load but can’t remix:

I had reported the link above a few weeks ago as unabled to be remixed. The issue was resolved but it is broken once again; the link above will not remix.

Thanks for any help you can provide ThunkableX team!
Brad Hontz
Technovation Challenge Junior Team

Hi @bhontz - thanks for sharing your project link.

Can you try creating your sharing link again now and let me know whether or not that works for you?


sir how to create share link on thunkable classic version. ,old version

my work have stopped

please tell me how i do it .

im not sure its relevant but,
these days, i dont know why but remixes don’t work at all.
if i click the link of any of them, like almost of all say like, “the remix file doesn’t exist” or something” (it is not 100% correct)

This isn’t something that’s supported by Classic, and that’s just one of the many reasons why you should consider moving your work to Thunkable.

What sort of project are you working on? I bet you we have a sample project for it already that you can really quickly and easily remix.

Hey @saramdl.gaunde021 - we recently changed the way remix links work which has caused this. Can you send me the link to the post where the copy link is?