"Remember Me" Switch Disabled When Fields Are Empty

I have a login page with two text fields, “email” and “password”, and I also have a “Remember Me” switch that I want to be disabled until both fields are ≠ empty. What is the proper way to check for those fields to be empty? I tried using a timer that checked once per second but it’s causing the screen to flash while text is being entered. Any help is appreciated.

If you give me a link to your project, it will be easier and faster for me to help you.

The screen flashes - what does it mean? Do you have an Image or Web Viewer component on the screen and they are redrawn?

Automatic check for empty fields is really made by timer.

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The screen is called “Sign In” and yes, there is an image field that “blinks” while text is being typed (when testing on iOS). I want the “Remember Me” box to be enabled when both email and password fields have text (which I have been able to do, but the timer was making it blink incessantly), and also to become disabled again if either field is made empty again.

Please ignore the app’s overall weirdness; it is really a testing ground more than a complete app. Thank you for your help!

Well, now I’ll take a look.

Check project


Instead of Image, you need to apply some other component with the background image. You can use Column, but I noticed instability in its work - in some cases it shows a background image, but in some there is not. Therefore, we select a button on top of which a transparent Column is superimposed to prevent pressing the button. This is the trick.

Timer input processing did

All working perfectly now! Thank you so much for your help.

how you make the “remember me” to work?

I used a poll of the contents of the input fields for a timer at 100ms

yes, but how the device remember the field ? is it local storage?


ok i got it its with local storage very simple

thanks anyway