When the keyboard is focused my text input disappears?

So, whenever I have an input field toward the bottom of the screen, upon putting said input field in focus and the keyboard shows up, the text input looks to disappear? Android (dunno about ios).

And yes I saw the post about making a container and setting it to scrollable with the input field. That doesn’t work. I am at a complete loss since I haven’t even touched the code blocks yet.

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I think you check on the “Clear on focus” of the textbox in the advanced features.
Please go to Advance of that textbox you will see “Clear on focus” Do NOT check it on.

Tell me if it works.
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You misunderstand. when the keyboard is in focus You should see the input text field above where you type. The keyboard is either obscuring the input field or it’s disappearing.

What sizing for columns you use?
Is your screen full of components?

Sizing is just fit to content. The only components are a button an input field and a list view (that is also fit to content) and has 1 item in the list.

The default keyboard does not come with its own temporary display that echoes what you type, but you can always install an alternate keyboard (I personally have the Android “Hacker’s Keyboard” which I made the default) which has a dedicated band, also used for fast complete and suggestion.

This is quite simple: you have a text to enter, and it is positioned where the keyboard would be displayed. What should the system do? Squish the rest of the screen? Scroll?
The point is that some people would object to the squishing, while others would have an issue with scrolling the display up; particularly if the display is already one that is intended to be scrollable.

You control the layout of your app, you are in charge of deciding how it should handle the display once a keyboard is shown.
In one of my app, I took upon myself to include a temporary visible field that replaces another component (through a system of “visible=true / false” logic) to echo what is being typed in a filed that would otherwise be hidden by the keyboard. In other apps, I simply made sure that no text input component are located where the keyboard would cover them.

It is under YOUR control. It is not a issue with Thunkable, you have to tools to make it work the way you prefer.

Ok. I assume there isn’t an onfocus trigger? If there is, I can’t find it