"Enter" button visible upon "text input" data present

Hi Thunkers,

So, I’m asking my users to enter some data which is essential. Thus, I wish to conceal the enter button until such time as the user has actually entered the required data (or at least engaged with the text input box …“onGotFocus”).
I have not found any blocks to suggest I can achieve this but I wonder if there is a workaround/setting which might achieve this?

Thank you for reading.


Use the timer to check the length of the line in the input field. If it is not empty, make the button visible or hide the button

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Hi actech,

I tried your suggestion and it makes sense to me but I can’t get it to work (beginner probs). I’m guessing that the timer is set to a duration much longer than it could ever take (infinity) to add text in the input field, giving the user however much time she wants to enter data before allowing her to proceed (making “enter” button visible)? If text-input = “”, then “enter button” disabled = true. Is that right?

You could set the timer to countdown and loop. The time could be 300miliseconds

Then every time the timer fires, check if text input is equal to or greater than a certain length

If it [The number of characters in the text input] is long enough, enable the save button


achtech and Jared, thank you. I get it now. Will try it again.

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Thanks to all. I got this done using actech/Jared’s method. Dean, I could not find the same blocks in Thunkable X.