Text input trigger event

Hi, my struggles with the text input are continuing!
pretty sure the answer is no but does anyone know of a way to set the done/return key on the text input trigger an event?
alternatively a way to set a certain button to disable or shrink to zero size while the text input is in use.
And thanks very much for your earlier help actech :pray:


I think the key here will not help. Try the well-known option - polling the value of a text field with a timer. Many users successfully use it for an incremental search on the list and for other cases.

The end of the text entry can be a long delay before the appearance of the character. for example 2 seconds. If the input line has not changed after 2 seconds, the input is finished. If the string has changed, that user continues typing. But the keyboard in this way is not removed from the screen. We need a method with which it will be possible with the help of blocks to give focus to different components, then the keyboard can be hidden by giving focus to another component.