When players input a value, the button will be able to click

why won’t this work?

Hi, what Event yellow block is this code in? Also, just so know know, if the text_input is empty the button wont work. else it will.

Is Text_Input5 empty? Those blocks will definitely work. Is there anything above the if block that is preventing that part of the code from firing?

Can you share a link to the project?

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Show the whole block setup please. It should all be put within the ‘when text_input5 changes’. If that doesnt work you can always set a timer that checks the text block every second and then if it is not empty set the block enabled to true. Last thing you could do if you didnt want to use a timer is check if the length of text in the text block is >0.

EDIT looks like we all replied at the same time. How funny is that LOL.



When I try in 50 for the code nothing happen, the button still does not be press

This code is in “When Screen2 Open”, Text_Input5.Text default is empty, so Button2.Disabled is true.
I think you can use “When Text_Input5.Changes” to change Button2.Disabled state.


Thank you

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