Live Test and Preview go blank when I click on a button with text inputs

The Live Test and Preview go blank when I click on a button, which is associated with text inputs that, if empty, should display hint, and if not empty should navigate the user to the next screen

Here is the link of the app that is having issues. My coding batchmate and teacher too are having the same problem. :roll_eyes:

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Hey @blueway!

You’ve used empty strings in the if and else if blocks in screen1 right? Just change them into null blocks. That does the trick.

Also, are you a student from Whitehat jr?


@mesmerizer_aish I am a student from Whitehat jr too, and I’ve done this project too. So he is a whitehat jr student


Me too! It looked kinda familiar. That is why I asked her if she/he too was from there.

Your suggestion could be a solution but the Text_Input is a Text field and is better treated with blocks from the text drawer.

Check this


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