Two problems in these blocks

The keyboard in live companion do not hide after input or at least I cannot do it, so half of the screen is hidden by keyboard until I reset the app.
The value of labels text field at start are not null (the “is empty” block does not answer True) even if they are cleared in designer (see designer screenshot below and do not look at green label because is not part of “is empty” test).
After an input and a clearing of it with e.g. backspace, the value in text field is null and the "is empty " block answer is True.

@Mark or @albert please can you tell me if the keyborad problem depends on me or is a known issue?

The keyboard problem is a known issue.

We’ll look into the “is empty” problem.

Thanks for your help in improving Thunkable iOS! :clap:


We were able to reproduce the “is empty” problem and it is now a known issue.

Thanks again.


where and how do you get that design view???
And your block colors is also different than mine. How can that be ??
Here is how mine looks like

Hahaha…wow I think that was the iOS beta @funhall?

The original post was from July of 2017 so there have been a lot of changes since then. I don’t think you were able to rename components back then? You certainly couldn’t duplicate them anyway!