Thunkable companion

I have an iPhone. I’ve been testing my apps without any problem but suddenly, my phone is showing the following error “There is a problem running thunkable companion”.

I uninstall and install thunkable test on my phone. I even closed thunkable on my browser and still getting the error.

What can I do?

Is your phone Jailbroken?
I can’t run it on my android device anymore as it is rooted, and I wonder if that is the cause.

I have exactly the same problem with an iPhone.
What do you think is the cause?

I have fixed the error. In my case was a null value of a text input used to access the Airtable.

No, it isn’t.

Somebody mentioned that too, that it may be caused by a textinput. I will check my blocks again. Thanks.

Thanks Iff, it worked. In the Design, I gave a value of 0 to all the textinput components and it worked again.