Firebase label showing null

How do i get rid of this…it was suppose to show the hint text i typed in thunkablex


The “null” means those typebox are emptying.

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Really?,i have text in there


You enter text and display it on different screens. If you entered text on one screen, this does not mean that it should be displayed on another screen. You see null instead of data. This means that there is an error in your blocks. How to find a bug? It is necessary to check the value of the data that is returned after each block through which this data passes.


Thanks to you,i wil work on that


Hi there,

If you use the blocks in the Thunkable sign-up Screen template, your blocks will load the stored username and password as the Text of the username/password input boxes. If those values haven’t been set, they’ll say null.

Feel free to message me with a link to your app and I can check it out!

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how to check if they are null?

Say you want to store logon credentials…

First time app runs, they are not set, they are null, but how do you check for null?

@henrikhngj5 when app has loaded, call firebase sign in. If it returns an error (which it certainly will for blank inputs) then navigate to your login screen.

It will return an error for everything except correct email and password.

Hope this helps.