Firebase testing for a null response for a key search help please



Hi Thunkers, can I pick the collective brainstem. I am trying to check if a key exists on firebase, if not receive the response and process add a new key.

The response I am getting is a “null” in the returned value block, I kinda expected a error code in the error block but that did not provide anything. My question is how to I test for “null” in the value block. I have tried NOT NULL blocks and tried text comparisons, but nothing seems to work.

Appreciate your thoughts on this.



Hey @Pete_Marsh,

I’m open to correction on this, but the last time I tried doing something like this I actually used a string “null” rather than the null block itself.

Give it a go and see how you get on.



null is in fact a text representation for visual display and hence comparison with text of “null” is not valid.

So testing with logic null using a variable worked

see blocks


p.s. Also removed variable and tested Value block direct works also



Hi did not work as a string comparison