How to make button text editable by user

Hi, I want to use the long press button function to allow users to change the text of buttons. How do I do that?

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When the user long-presses the button, a text-input with a small submit button would appear.
When he/she writes into the text-input, and hits “submit” button, the main button’s text would change through these blocks -


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When I long press it comes up as undefined.

Is you text input initially empty? undefined is the initial value when you add a new TextInput component.

You can use an IF block to handle these cases.

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Here are 3 methods by which you can change the text of a button


Thank you to everyone for such quick replies. I realised i must have a text input box or someplace to get the text to change the button text. I will try to apply all of your suggestions. Thank you so much once again. Very helpful.


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