How do i make it so an answer is required for a text input

i have it all set up but I don’t want them to be able to go on without writing something in

sure so what is wrong with your app

Hey @thetealwalrusf4, welcome to the Community! :wave:

Could you provide either a project link or blocks (or both) as well as a little bit more information on the problem.

I think you are trying to use the Text Input component and you don’t want them to proceed to the next step of the app without filling in something? If so you can create a simple IF statement to check if the text input contains any text. It would look something like this:


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THANK YOU!! yes that was what i was trying to do

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nvm i tried it it didnt work

i dont want people to be able to click continue without writing in something

These blocks are what I should have posted in the first place, I misread your question. If the text input doesn’t contain any text, nothing happens. The not block here reverses the is empty block, making the statement IF text input is not empty.

thank you it worked for 1 text input. how do i do it for more than 1

You could use the AND block.

thank you!!

and is their a way to overlap text and animations?

I don’t understand what you mean.