[Solved] Can anyone help me reduce these blocks?

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One can take this as a challenge :upside_down_face:

I have a form-like screen, where all inputs are mandatory. And if any is left empty, I check it with these blocks -


I believe, a shorter variation of these blocks can be made, right?

Could you help me reduce these blocks?
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I also have a lot of this check text input , want it to reduce them but couldn’t find a way to do it , but well since the update of the block speed editor I’m not worry for now … I ha’ve tried several differents ways to reduce this checks but didn’t make much difference…

maybe a cool feature for thunkable could be makin our customs blocks with codes something like " If any of inputs ( text input 1 , text input2, …) are empty " then do … :laughing:

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Can you join them and ask, wether the resulting string is empty?

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Hi, @rollke! :wave:

Nope, it would just check if each input is empty; I want, if any text input is left empty.

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Here is what I would do (and don’t have to change the code when you add more text inputs).



Thanks @paulmw! :+1:

That’s a good looking solution :star2:

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