IS there a way to set the SecureTextEntry to false?

Hey I am making an app with a password and I would like that when a user clicks on a button the text entry turns to secure or to unsecure each time, how may I proceed ? Thanks !

If it is not possible, is there a way to modify the time before a letter becomes hidden ?

There is no block for changing the SecureTextEntry property. You can try this: on top of the input text field, arrange the Label to the full width of the field. Add a timer that will read the number of characters entered and display this number with asterisks in the Label. If the user wants to see the characters entered (Switch = on) Label.width = 0, if the user needs hidden input (Switch = off) Label.width = 100%.

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I already tried this and the delay is huge, I’m going to try to find a way to optimize it, because the thing is that I need the user to be able to see what he writes and edit it, which is not possible with the label, thanks !

Also, is it possible to set the % within the blocks ?!?

Also, is it possible to set the % within the blocks ?!? - yes.


I did not understand how the user can see what he is writing if the hidden char * are displayed?

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Now I can do your way thanks ! I didn’t know it was possible to set %.

Thank you so much !

I understand you want to make the last letter visible.

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Hey @actech, I succeeded in making them visible or not, but now I can’t manage to save the data. In my firebase I save the data from textinput1 (The one which is hidden), so I tried to make is so that when the user finished to enter his data with the textinput2 (The one which is shown), it sets the data of textinput1 to textinput2, but it failed.



Any ideas ? Thanks !

What means failed to assign textinput2? Data is not copied from this field?

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It works niw, Thunkable Live doing its thing again I guess. Thanks !

The scrTextUtils1 screen shows my version of the implementation of secret input. (for iOS only)

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